New Territories GMB Route No. 7
Sai Kung <-> Hoi Ha
Main roads en route

From Sai Kung

via Fuk Man Road, Po Tung Road, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Pak Tam Chung Bus Terminus, Pak Tam Road and Hoi Ha Road

From Hoi Ha

via Hoi Ha Road, Pak Tam Road, Pak Tam Chung Bus Terminus, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Po Tung Road and Fuk Man Road

Sai Kung <-> Hoi Ha

From Sai Kung

From Hoi Ha

Frequency (Minutes)

Mondays to Saturdays (Public Holidays Excepted)
07:55 am - 06:25 pm08:25 am - 06:55 pm 30
Sundays and Public Holidays
07:55 am - 06:35 pm08:25 am - 06:45 pm 20


SectionSai Kung
113.1Pak Tam Chung
213.17.4Hoi Ha

SectionHoi Ha
17.4Pak Tam Chung
213.17.4Tai Mong Tsai
313.17.44.6Sai Kung

A fare discount of $0.30 is offered to passengers who interchange from GMB to MTR service or from MTR to GMB service within 90 minutes using the same Octopus card.

Sai Kung PLB (Maxicab)(No. 1 & 2) Co. Ltd.

2792 6433

Last revision date: 31 Mar 2019